Exercise Tips

Build incidental activity into every day

Walk, run or ride instead of driving somewhere. Too far? Park your car a good distance from your destination and go from there. Beats sitting in traffic!

Take the stairs instead of escalators or elevators to boost your step count and burn more energy.

Don’t sit, stand instead. Try spending more time on your feet through out your day. It will lead to increased energy burn and reduce body aches and pains caused by prolonged periods of sitting.

Chores… Love them or hate them, doing things like gardening or cleaning burns a huge amount of energy and uses just about every muscle in your body.

Pet needs to burn off some energy? Instead of just throwing the ball at the park while you stand still, walk at the same time so you both benefit from some exercise!


Active at work.

Take phone calls as an opportunity to walk and talk. Get away from your desk and get moving.

Don’t eat at your desk. Take your lunch break somewhere outside the office and use your feet to get there.

Meetings on the move. Organize with your work buddies to have a walking meeting.

Standing desks are also a great option for those who spend a lot of hours stuck in their seat.

Find a buddy who will walk with you in your lunch break to keep you accountable. 


Active Indoors

Exercise at home without the need for equipment by simply using your own body weight eg. Squats, pushups, dips, jogging on the spot etc. Speak with a health and fitness expert to set you up with a routine you can follow.

Structured classes like Pilates, Yoga, Spin or dance classes are fun and a great way strengthen the body under the guidance of a professional. 

Resistance training using either weighted exercises, resistance bands or equipment is also be a great way to get active indoors. Either at home, training studio or gym these types of exercises should be guided by a professional.

Indoor pools are fantastic for swimming and water running. It will get you fit and strong without putting too much strain on your joints.

Mix it up with something different like rock climbing, ice skating or trampolining to keep it interesting, challenging and fun while also getting fit!


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