Meet Steph Geddes – Official nutritionist of The Culture Co.

Steph is passionate about people experiencing the powerful effects of nutrition and helping them realise how eating food that is good for the body can positively impact their lives!

As well as her nutrition business, Body Good Food, Steph and her husband Jack run a Melbourne based business - Linked Training and Nutrition. Steph also offers a wealth of collaborative experience from her role as Head of Nutrition for 28 by Sam Wood, and as a recipe developer for surfer Sally Fitzgibbons where she created over 100 recipes for Sally’s book - Summer Fit.

Steph plays an important part in educating our consumers on gut health and the benefits and uses for The Culture Co. Probiotic Kefir Yogurt.

Click here for Steph’s educational articles and videos on optimising gut health, gut health and kefir yogurt, why Steph chooses our kefir, and how to include kefir in your daily diet.

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