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Meet Steph Geddes – Official Brand Ambassador for The Culture Co.

Steph Geddes is a Registered Nutritionist specialising in culinary nutrition with a passion for inspiring others to enjoy eating seasonal nutritious food. Steph works as a creative recipe developer, corporate public speaker, cooking class teacher and ambassador. Her recipes and nutrition advice are featured in everything from worldwide cafes, to blogs, mainstream media and celebrity cookbooks. You can find Steph on Instagram (@nutritionist_stephgeddes) and her website (

Steph plays an important part in educating our consumers on gut health and the benefits and uses for The Culture Co. Probiotic Kefir Yogurt.

Click here for Steph’s educational articles and videos on optimising gut health, gut health and kefir yogurt, why Steph chooses our kefir, and how to include kefir in your daily diet.

Each serve packs in a unique blend of 11 strains of friendly live cultures, including the probiotic  B.lactis which is scientifically proven to deliver genuine health benefits for your gut, as well as the goodness of protein and calcium from dairy milk to support healthy muscles, bones and digestive enzyme function as part of a balanced diet.

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